Dynamat Sound Proofing For Your Car & Boat

Tired of engine hum, road noise or wave slap? Dynamat has a range of products to acoustically improve your journey whether cruising the highway or on the open seas. Our introduction video will talk you through the various Dynamat lines and what they can do for you!

The Cymbal Test

It can be hard to show just how effective Dynamat is at stopping panel vibration. However the old cymbal trick never fails to impress! It doesn't take much Dynamat to make this cymbal's normal crash into a dampened thud. Apply Dynamat to a car door for less vibration, less resonation, a quieter environment to relax in.

Why is Dynamat Xtreme the best?

You may think all sound deadening products are created equal, we can assure you they are not! Dynamat Xtreme has been independently tested to reduce unwanted vibrational noise at ambient temperatures better than any other dampening material out there. How? Watch to find out.

DynaBox Explained

DynaBox is a unique retrofitable ceiling speaker enclosure that completely encases the speaker, projecting more clear sound into the room and maximising your speaker’s output. DynaBox effectively reduces sound migration between rooms, ceilings and floors. With DynaBox, speakers sound incredible.