Controlling noise and heat in varied applications

Identify which application best applies to your specific requirements and you are one step closer to a more comfortable environment.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of acoustic and thermal solutions means we can determine the most effective way to combat specific noise and heat issues in any application.

Our product range provides solutions using damping, deadening, decoupling, isolation, diffusion and more across a broad spectrum of applications in automotive, marine, architectural and commercial sectors.

Our products are equally suited to original equipment manufacturing and aftermarket use and continued research and development ensures they are optimised for efficiency.

Whether you have vibration and noise requirements mandated by design criteria, OSHA, clients or customers, we will work closely with you to analyse your problem and engineer a solution. Dynamat has helped companies solve noise, vibration and heat issues across many industries and applications for over 25 years.

  • Switch_A_Blade


    The Dynamat accessories range is designed to help you obtain a professional finish making the installation of our pr...
  • En-wall


    Improve in-wall speaker sound quality. En-wall significantly reduces wall vibration, projects more clear sound into ...
  • Denial sound barrier


    Block noise between rooms and floors. Reduce noise, isolate listening spaces and maximise sonic privacy. Dynil is a ...
  • Dynapad


    Stop hard to control low frequency noise. Our heavy-duty four layer composite sound and heat barrier providing maxim...

    Noise barrier speaker enclosure: damp vibration, diffuse back-wave & decouple enclosure. DynaBox effectively red...
  • Dynaplate


    Maximise sound pressure level (SPL). Dynaplate is a very thin, strong and light weight sound deadener which also doe...
  • Dynadeck


    DynaDeck is a weatherproof and waterproof carpet replacement. The 1/8” embossed vinyl layer...
  • Dynamat-Hoodliner


    Insulate against noise and heat in the engine compartment. Reflective acoustic sound soaker foam for under bonnet (h...
  • Dynamat-Superlite


    30% lighter and 30% thinner – efficient sound deadener for weight conscious applications....
  • Dynaliner


    High performance full coverage and used on top of Xtreme, Dynaliner has the highest heat blocking properties availab...
  • Dynamat Black_Xtreme


    Dynamat Xtreme is the highest efficiency energy conversion sound deadener available....