Maximise sound pressure level (SPL). Dynaplate is a very thin, strong and light weight sound deadener which also does a great job bridging gaps and structurally reinforcing car body panels.

When you are adding sound damping material to your vehicle, getting true 100% coverage can be tough. There are tight spaces and large openings in body panels that prevent you from experiencing the maximum results that you are looking for. Dynaplate is a self-adhesive, solid aluminum sheet that can be used when space is an issue. Two layers of Dynaplate produce damping comparable to Dynamat Xtreme with less weight. It is an excellent product to help turn your door into a speaker enclosure. You can also use Dynaplate anywhere you desire structurally reinforced body panels. Dynaplate is a sound damping material specifically engineered for car audio SPL competition rules. Using a two layer setup yields non-flexible panels that prevent the ballooning effect common in SPL vehicles.