The #1 automotive sound and heat control brand in the world.
Reduce unwanted noise and vibration on-the-water.
Better sound, maximum performance and quieter living.
Noise and heat control for components or complete projects.


Control noise and heat across automotive, marine, architectural and commercial environments. Highly efficient patented sound deadener and thermal barrier solutions.

What sets us apart...

Highly efficient products and absolute quality are of paramount importance to us. Our total commitment to quality control means we know our products will deliver incomparable results understanding fully what they are made from and the manufacturing process they undergo.

All design, manufacturing, production, packing and shipping of the full Dynamat product line-up is overseen from our facility in Hamilton, Ohio, USA, with sales and marketing undertaken by our global distribution network.

Our proprietary patented formulas allow us to tackle the problem of unwanted noise and heat in innovative ways – bringing our customers solutions that solve noise and/or heat issues at source.

Our aim is to help you easily identify how to tackle noise reduction, vibration damping and thermal transfer within automotive, marine, architectural and commercial applications. Discover the Dynamat difference. As Dynamat Europe we are the central hub for distribution, sales and marketing of the Dynamat product line this side of the Atlantic.


Acoustic and thermal solutions – what I need and why.

Our product range splits into two clear categories; firstly ‘Acoustic Solutions’ and secondly ‘Thermal Solutions’. Do you have issues with noise, heat or both?

Do you have issues with noise, heat or both? Our acoustic solutions tackle unwanted noise and vibration, the flagship product is our ‘Xtreme’ damping material which is engineered to reduce structure born vibration by converting it into silent energy using our unique VECTOR™ chemistry.

Xtreme is a rubber butyl containing our patented chemical mix which works against a 4 mil aluminum constraining layer for results which outperform the competition.

In addition to Xtreme our range include products that aim to block, contain or absorb sound and/or heat.

Check out; Dynamat Xtreme, Dynamat Superlite, Hoodliner, DynaDeck, DynaPlate, DynaPad, DynaBox, Dynil, En-Wall.

Our Thermal Solutions are headed up by Dynaliner which is installed over the top of Xtreme. Dynaliner is a high performance full coverage closed cell synthetic rubber foam and has the highest heat blocking properties available in a single layer synthetic foam-type material in the industry.

In addition to Dynaliner our range of products provide insulation in other forms. Check out; Dynaliner, Hoodliner, DynaDeck, DynaPad.



The beauty of Dynamat is it can be tailored to deliver results in a multitude of applications, spaces and budgets, so we would really like to get to know your requirements more fully before we advise you on the ultimate solution...