30% lighter and 30% thinner – efficient sound deadener for weight conscious applications. Use Dynamat SuperLite when you need to stop resonate noise without adding too much weight.

Dynamat SuperLite is a high-efficiency sound damping material used to stop noise and vibration. It is the same sticky butyl rubber Constrain Layer Damper (CLD) as Dynamat Xtreme in a 30% thinner, and lighter form. The thin butyl rubber layer is its own adhesive bonded to a gleaming blue, 2 mils thick aluminum alloy – simply peel off the release liner and apply even pressure to install. As CLDs work better the thicker they are, Dynamat SuperLite is not as effective a sound damper as Dynamat Xtreme, but using patented VECTOR™ Chemistry, SuperLite is still able to outperform other brands of damping material we have independent test results to prove this.

Download here – Dynamat SuperLite Datasheet